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MEMBERHIP: Membership in Company "F" of the 2nd California Cavalry is open to everyone. Because the unit is primarily a mounted living-history organization, emphasis in recruiting is on men and horses wishing to ride in an historically accurate portrayal of one of California's Civil War cavalry units.


FAMILY: Not wishing to exclude family members , for public presentations in order to maintain historical authenticity for the original 2nd California Cavalry, women may participate in proper civilian attire for ladies or as armed or unarmed frontier women. Children likewise if active participants must be in proper attire


for children in the 1860s. All attire and equipment of all members must be authentic for the 1860s in order to maintain a correct public living-history presentation.

AUTHENTICITY: Authenticity in all that we do is a matter of pride in knowing we are doing the best we can to accurately preserve a unique period in California history. Authenticity contributes to our own knowledge as well as that of the viewing public, and results in personal enjoyment and a sense of pride in our organization.

DUES: Maintaining a 19th Century organization in a 21st Century world requires we maintain liability insurance through our membship in CSHA. To help offset this expense, each member pays a dues of $50, on January 30th of each year. For members joining durnig the year, dues are prorated monthly. To help with other expenses, such as advertising, publicity, equippage, etc, funds are raised through donations, sponsorships, and fund raisers including the sale of logo'd apparel.

Now its time for you to volunteer and "Jine The Cavalry"!



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